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Our Service


We provide audit services and are registered by the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA). We provide statutory as well as special audits, value for money audits and others.

Financial Management

We Manage the Accounting/Finance Function and Preparation of books of accounts, Financial statements, accounting manuals, chart of accounts, internal audit manuals and financial regulations.

Project Management

We deal with preparation of feasibility studies, project plans, strategic plans, business plans, project credit financing arrangement with Banks and other financiers and Monitoring and Evaluation of projects.

Tax Consulting

We provide a range of tax consulting services including: Corporate Income Tax (CIT) compliance services, Value Added Tax (VAT) compliance services & Withholding taxes compliance services .

Business Formalization

We help small and medium enterprise convert from informal to formal through registration with BRELA (as business names or limited company). We also help them in processing legal ownership of their properties.

Training & Business Advisory

We provide training in areas of financial management, project management, tax management & provide advisory services to a range of clients to solve their problems and improve business performance.

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